Attorney Brian Sullivan is a trial lawyer who is passionate about his family, community, and fighting for the underdog.

May 27, 2016.  The Sullivan Law Group received two not guilty verdicts today in two separate trials.  Mr. Sullivan’s client was acquitted by a jury who found that the State’s evidence was not accurate / reliable beyond a reasonable doubt.  That same afternoon, Mr. Lantz successfully tried a DUI jury trial in the Evergreen Division of the Snohomish County District Court to a not guilty verdict.

In Mr. Sullivan’s case, the State presented evidence of blood testing that showed results including alcohol (over the limit), THC / Marijuana (over the limit), and other drugs.  After Mr. Sullivan’s cross-examination of the State’s toxicologist witness, the jury was unable to accept the validity of the blood test results.  They returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty, with a verdict form that read, “not guilty – innocent.”


May 27, 2016 – Jason Lantz secured another not guilty verdict.  In a triscales_notguilty-753313al in Snohomish County District Court, Evergreen Division, Mr. Lantz’s client was charged with DUI after submitting to a breath test with a result of .22.  During trial, Mr. Lantz successfully argued that the breath test results should be excluded because there were serious concerns about the State’s ability to lay the proper foundation for the test (and, therefore, whether the test was accurate and reliable).  The jury returned a no guilty verdict exonerating his client.