Not Guilty Verdict – Over-the-limit blood test admitted; jury finds results not accurate / reliable beyond a reasonable doubt.

May 27, 2016.  The Sullivan Law Group received two not guilty verdicts today in two separate trials.  Mr. Sullivan’s client was acquitted by a jury who found that the State’s evidence was not accurate / reliable beyond a reasonable doubt.  That same afternoon, Mr. Lantz successfully tried a DUI jury trial in the Evergreen Division of the Snohomish County District Court to a not guilty verdict.

In Mr. Sullivan’s case, the State presented evidence of blood testing that showed results including alcohol (over the limit), THC / Marijuana (over the limit), and other drugs.  After Mr. Sullivan’s cross-examination of the State’s toxicologist witness, the jury was unable to accept the validity of the blood test results.  They returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty, with a verdict form that read, “not guilty – innocent.”