Washington Elder Abuse and Neglect Lawyers

We work tirelessly for one type of client: people. Real humans. Not corporations, governments, or insurance companies. We love the law, advocating for our clients, and leveling the playing field against the the Goliath in the courtroom.

Recent studies indicate that up to 10% of the elderly suffered from at least one episode of abuse within the past year. Yet, most cases go unreported.

Adult Family Homes and Nursing Homes are services who promise to provide appropriate care in a safe, clean, comfortable, and homelike environment. When residents are neglected and abused, the betrayal is to the person, family, and whole community. When, and if the government steps in, it is often only to take the Provider’s license, and not to civilly or criminal prosecute them.

We right wrongs by civilly prosecuting these offenders on behalf of victims and families

While we are only able to take a select few cases that we screen, we vigorously prosecute the cases we do accept. While we are able to successfully settle many cases, our proven track record is a result of preparing every matter as we would for a jury trial.

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